Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fillers and Friendship Blocks

I'm sort of between projects at the moment. There's the one I was working on when the thread tension became a problem on the sewing machine I use every day. It's a gift, so to be on the safe side I'm not sharing it here yet. It may need to be taken apart and re-assembled to meet my standards. I put it out of sight while the sewing machine is in the shop. We'll see how it looks when my eyes are fresh. There are other quilts slowly developing in the background but I didn't feel like working on them when I would be using other than my favorite machine. Scrap piecing to the rescue!

Here's a detail shot of the center patch in the Churn Dash/Hole in the Barn Door block in the middle of the upper row:

The patch was cut from assembly instructions that are printed with the panels for fabric books or other craft items. As usual, these are six inch blocks. There are more, but these are the ones I have a picture of!

I've also sewn up a couple of friendship blocks for members of my local guild. The first is a six inch leaf. The request was for autumnal colors in batiks or tone on tone prints. I chose to use two different prints to get the effect of shading or a leaf drying out.

And then a 12" Windblown Square block:

This time the request was to put a print showing a favorite thing or activity in the center of the block. I used an old Mary Lou Weidman print of a quilt show. I may not get to go to quilt shows or guild meetings anymore but I would still enjoy them if I could!

I'd made Windblown Square blocks a long time ago. Making this one up put me in mind of another print I could get a big 6.5" patch out of for the central square...

Someday I'll have to show you the other blocks I've made for the chicken quilt that's been on my bucket list for... oh, pretty much ever since I started quilting!

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  1. You are really good at fussy cutting designs to their best possible advantage.


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