Friday, April 25, 2014

Time for a Spa Day

Wish I were referring to myself! As much as I would love a day at a spa it would likely make me very ill. No, in this case I'm referring to my beloved sewing companion Phoebe:

I've had to switch the brand of thread I use for piecing and I thought the issues we were experiencing were due to the change in threads. Apparently that's not the case. Phoebe needs a tune up. Truth be told, she's probably been overdue for a tune up for a year or more.

Before she left home I was able to finish up the Halloween quilt top. I think you may have seen it at this stage in my last post...

I added a lovely tone on tone purple across the bottom and the top and then used a fun orange Halloween print to cap off the ends. It was too big for the design wall at that point so we went outside to get a picture:

It was just a bit windy at the time. We were lucky to get a shot in between rain showers though!

I promised you a detail shot of the prints used in the Rail Fence blocks...

Pumpkins, bats, spiders and webs, more stars. All fun. :- )

I made up some blocks out of scrap patches too:

DS was able to get the top quilted for me yesterday. We decided on a simple meander since there was so much going on in the quilt already.

I've cut binding out of black but have to get a bit more to make it all the way around the quilt. This weekend is the annual street fair that's held in conjunction with the Tulip Festival. That will make it more of a challenge to get out and get supplies but my goal is to get this quilt bound as quickly as possible so I can donate it by the end of the month... which is next week!

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  1. The Halloween quilt came out so great! You have some wonderful fabrics in there! You must have an awesome collection!

    Sorry to hear the machine had to get the spa treatment. It's not fun when we have to give them up for a bit. I think mine may need to go before too long too. :(


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