Monday, April 7, 2014

From One Quilter to Another

When my friend C~ was cleaning out her stash recently she came across this cut of Halloween panels:

There were a few strips of coordinating prints too. The panels were intended to make a banner and assorted trick or treat bags. C~ had not been inspired to do anything with these panels, even though they are as cute as they can be. She asked if I would be interested in doing something with them. Would I? Do little monsters love candy corn? ;- )

The first thing I did was to fussy cut the various panels and images.

This is pretty much how they landed on the design wall after cutting. Naturally they are not any regulation size or shape. Pre-printed panels rarely are in my experience. That just makes the challenge of using them more interesting! Some of the pieces could be easily framed up to a workable size and that's just what I did. In this first block I framed smaller images, turned them into a 4-Patch unit, and then framed that up to 12 inches.

The ghost below just got strips added until he was also 12" square.

I actually had yardage of a couple of the designer's companion prints already in my stash. That made if pretty simple to create this 12 inch star block featuring the bats panel.

But my absolute favorite is this star:

It just makes me happy every time I look at it! I had the purple plaid in my stash (but not much of it), the orange and yellow check was one of the strips that came with the panels, and the background is a flying frog print I've had forever and is now just about gone.

I'm thinking this will become a quilt for a child. It may go to someone in Foster Care or it may go to one of the children affected by the landslide in Oso and Darrington, WA. I've been doing hand work since my last post; it may be a bit of a challenge to switch gears back to piecing...


  1. I'm quilting up a stack of kid quilts for the Oso community so if you want to slip this cutie into an envelope, I'll quilt it & send along with mine.

  2. Oh, I had that panel too! I used it on the back of my Halloween Scrappy Trips quilt. You can see it here: Don't know if you can tell, because there is so much else on there too.

    What you've done is real cute! And I love that crazy flying frogs fabric. This will be a really fun quilt for someone.


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