Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This and That

There's not a lot happening yet here in the Magpie's Nest. I'm still slightly in recovery mode apparently. I did make a couple of friendship blocks but didn't think to get pictures for you. Just this morning I pulled out a section of strata that had been given to me years ago. This is what's left of it:

And this is what I made out of it:

Two blocks that will finish at about 14 inches each. I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet but it's possible they will become the start of a new quilt top for a child in Foster Care.

It occurs to me that I haven't yet blogged my fabric choices for the Tea Towel Challenge. Partly that's because I don't anticipate using much more than two of the towels I bought when I first signed up for the challenge. It's also due to the fact that I don't choose my fabrics ahead of time. I pull them when I'm ready to use them. I was pleasantly surprised at how much brighter my main towel looked after it was soaked in borax for several hours.


And after:

Well, maybe you can't see the difference. Trust me, it's brighter. ;- )

I'm also using the monogram from another towel:

Well, that's the plan anyway. I hope to have the energy soon to start working on this little quilt. It's only going to be about 18" x 24," to fit a specific space in our home. In case this is your first visit to my Nest the plan is to make these tea towels into an anniversary gift/wall hanging for my husband. Our 30th wedding anniversary just happens to fall at about the same time as the challenge deadline. You should be able to click on the link above to see what others are doing in this challenge.

Speaking of recycling or up-cycling textiles, C~ brought over the body of an old apron she thought I would enjoy playing with. She was right!

Aren't they cute?

I haven't a clue what I'll do with them yet. It makes me happy just to have the panel on my design wall for now. :- )


  1. That apron panel is just too sweet!

  2. Yes - those little birds ARE cute.

    And yes, the brighter does show in the now-soaked tea towel.

  3. Love that apron fabric! What cute little birds! I can see why it makes you happy just to look at it.

    Wow, your tea towel does look much better! It will be fun to watch what you do with this project. Good luck! I hope you can meet your deadline.

  4. I can see the difference in the before/after tea towel. Wow.

    I love the apron panel, too. Lately, I love all things circular and those round birds are so appealing.


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