Sunday, October 14, 2012

When Life Gives You Scraps...

Some time ago one of my back molars broke. It was a tooth that had long ago been filled with artificial material. Because I am a wimp of the first order I lived with the jagged edges until a second chunk of filling fell out.

I couldn't ignore the tooth anymore. I've been to the dentist three times since my last post. Once for an assessment of what needed to be done - I came away from that visit ill from the fumes in the place. The next two visits were under the influence of a sedative. I barely remember what took place either time, although the tenderness of the inside of my mouth testifies that a lot was indeed done. I believe I have one more visit to make, to put a permanent crown in place. There will be a couple of days of ickiness while the adhesive off-gasses in my mouth. And after that no doubt my lovely young lady-dentist will have more she'll want to attend to in my mouth. {sigh}

These are some scrap blocks I've been able to get sewn up during my absence from Blogland.

Below is a batch of Broken Dishes blocks were made up from triangles cut off when I make flying geese units. I think they will finish at 4.5 inches.

I decided to try out Friendship Stars in lieu of Shoo Fly blocks with these scraps.

I find I don't like them as well as Shoo Fly blocks (they require me to think about how I'm placing those half-square-triangle patches!) but it will be nice to have some variety to play with when I eventually put them to use in a quilt.

A surprise showed up in my mailbox this week too. Look at this adorable Basset Hound print my sister found in a flea market near her!

If I can manage to stay home and keep from injuring myself further I may get to start on the quilt I've been wanting to make for weeks now... ;- )


  1. Great scrappy blocks! I always manage to mess up a few friendship star blocks. So deceptively simple looking.

  2. Booo about the dentist. Hope you get feeling better soon. <3

  3. Yes I find the dentist one of the more toxic places I have to go. But your dental health really affects your total health so it has to be done.


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