Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hearts & Flowers

When I met with my friends this past week I was able to get a full shot of the Patriotic Heart top that will eventually become an American Hero Quilt.

C~ will hand it over along with the binding I made and someone else in our local quilt group will do the quilting. One more wounded soldier will have something to warm and comfort them during recovery.

I happened to notice this darling little star block while we were refolding it:

It's all of four inches square. It's got me thinking...

Also that day I was given a couple of branches of forsythia to brighten my studio. On the way home I stopped at one of the bulb farms near here and bought some daffodils to put with the forsythia. For whatever reason, the daffs were half price so I bought two bunches. :- )

All of a sudden there's a lot of yellow in my studio! The flowers and Mr. Bingley are the same color. It just so happens that it's the same yellow that's showing up in the Dr. Seuss quilt.

I have been playing with this, off and on, since I first showed the pieces to you. The top row has been sewn together. Since this picture was taken I have also sewn the stacked books border around the reader panel. The bottom and the sides have yet to be resolved. They are being much more problematic than I anticipated. It doesn't help that I've had a couple days of migraine headaches (which is also why I haven't been back sooner to keep you up to date on things here in The Magpie's Nest). I believe you will see the influence of the daffodils and the little star block when next you see this top however. ;- )


  1. Daffodils bring so much joy for so many reasons!!

  2. LOVE how the American hero quilt looks! LOVE IT!

  3. The American Hero quilt is awesome! Great job!

    Your "reader" quilt is looking good too.

    I understand your need for yellow at the moment. It's time for some sunshine up here! We get it once in a while, but not enough yet. Hope the daffs help! My sweet DH brought me some yellow tulips. It sure helped my mood.

  4. That quilt is awesome. Love it!

  5. What a beautiful job you did finishing that quilt. Isn't it a good feeling when a project comes together, when we can finally see it to its completion? Your reading quit is wonderful. It's great that the library will find a place for it in its reading program.

  6. Yay for forsythia and daffodils-you got them!


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