Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Cooking?

I had planned to be back before now to show you the results of what's been cooking in the studio. We've had some internet connectivity issues. It's a little scary how dependent I've become on being able to access the internet!

The finished wall quilt (16" x 20"):

I've titled it "What's Cooking?" I think I mentioned in the previous post that I expected to use red to frame the chefs but liked the white "onion" print better. The same thing occurred when I got to the binding. I originally thought I would use red but this old mottled print with varying shades of green caught my eye and held it.

When I finished the wall quilt there were a few chefs still intact in the original half yard cut. Hmm, what do to? How about coordinating potholders?

This time I followed my inclination to use red as a frame. The red in this pair has a swirl in the print that could be interpreted as steam:

That pair of potholders used up the complimentary food print. For the next pair I decided to keep the red frames (but I had to use two different reds this time) and then use what I'm calling the onion print to bring the blocks up to size (8"). The black and white check I'd been using was all gone by now too so I had to find something else for the hanging loops. Again, this wiggly stripe reminds me of steam.

There's a third set of potholders. I'm keeping them for myself. I don't enjoy cooking but I do like to bake. I did all the decorating on my children's birthday cakes as they were growing up and had a lot of fun with that. So this pair of chefs seemed appropriate to have working in my kitchen. ;- )

The corners of the snowball blocks are a light pink on white that looks like sprinkles to me. The black outer frame and loops are a tiny muffin or cupcake print from eons ago.

Now I'm in that uncomfortable, anxiety producing zone between projects. We have company coming in a few days so I'm reluctant to begin a major new quilt effort. I've hit a snag with another project and have to wait a bit for supplies to arrive. So I'll probably resort to cutting and sewing scraps into random blocks for the next couple of days. I did take time yesterday to rearrange some of the storage in the studio. I needed a place for those random blocks to accumulate that was easier to get to. I think I've succeeded. I guess the next few days can be the trial run to see how it works!


  1. So cute! It's great fabric and you used it really well.

  2. Make do ... use it up. Always a good plan! The potholders (and quilt) are great!!


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