Saturday, May 7, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

My nearest bead shop (the one that was closest relocated, much to my disappointment) sent out a newsletter with a coupon to use for Mother's Day. Who am I to pass up such an opportunity?!

One of the things I purchased was this hank of purple seed beads. I thought I'd share with you a slick trick I came up with for getting the beads off the strings and into the plastic bags I like to use for storage.

Holding the hank at the top I very carefully cut the lowest points of each string, making sure the hank is well into the little pitcher (actually a creamer I found at the thrift shop one day).

The beads slide off the strings into the pitcher...

And then I can easily pour the whole lot into the baggie. :- )

I didn't really need any new beads but going into the bead shop and bringing home a few new goodies was inspiring. QuiltDivaJulie asked me to contribute a block for her new lab coat. This is the block that I pieced for her coat:

I wanted to do some beadwork to dress it up a bit. Putting away my new treasures from the bead shop was enough to start the juices flowing.

I used some of the dyed shell chips I'd used on my ATC for January's bead journal project. They're called "Happy Beads." They couldn't be more aptly named in my opinion!

I have some serious catching up to do on the rest of my bead journal projects for this year. I've been making notes about what I might do for each month but right now sewing up blocks with the sewing machine is what has my full attention. I suspect I would do more beading if I didn't have to clear space to do it. DH and I have discussed things we might do to create a dedicated space for my beading projects. We'll see whether or how soon any of it comes to pass.

Finally, let me take this opportunity

to wish all my readers who are mothers

a Mother's Day that warms your heart.


  1. Neat trick, and some very cheerful embellishment. I like that little blue bird a lot.

  2. Wow, I love all that embellishment


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