Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello November

Remember yesterday? Gorgeous flaming colors, blues skies...

This is what I woke up to this morning:

It has been dark and windy and wet all day. Just in case we weren't aware that it's now November.

In spite of the weather I was feeling pretty good this morning. One of our local fabric stores is closing down soon - the owner is retiring due to poor health - so I took the opportunity to add to my stash. This isn't everything, but it's the most fun stuff that I bought.

If I had deeper pockets and had been able to stay in the store longer I could have done much more damage! I'm in love with those turquoise prints from Blank Textiles. There may be a monochromatic quilt in my future. ;- )

And in the mailbox today I found this wonderful pink yardage courtesy of V at Bumble Beans.

We did a scrap swap recently. She found a couple of scraps in the pile I sent her that excited her quilting muse. Did I have more of that print perhaps? Turns out that I did. In fact, I had almost a yard of it. It was one I liked so well that I bought a bigger piece than was usual for me at the time. But then I could never figure out how to use it! V will put it to good use, and in exchange she has sent me yardage of this print I found in the scraps she sent me. I'm thinking DH and I will both have skeleton quilts someday. :- )


  1. Happy November Sue, guess we both will have to make our own color now. My window world will go from gray brown and drab to charcoal black and snowy white. So far they are holding off on snow predictions, but it's coming. It always does...LOL
    Love the new stash elements, and man, you really scored on those fabrics from V...awesome skeletons!
    Hugs, Finn

  2. Oh Sue, that pink fabric is so you! Didn't we make a friendship block for you once upon a time that was black/white and hot pink? I loved your Harry Potter quilt was terrific, one of our newer members, Nat Hunskor took it to quilt. I've loved everything she's done. I'll be sure to take a picture when she brings it back. I'm off to the yard and sunshine today.



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