Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stitching in the Rain

It would appear summer is truly over here in our corner of the world. Our temperatures have dropped, the clouds have moved in, we've had some rain and the prediction is that more is on the way. {sigh}

Someone recently asked me how small the scraps are that I save and use. These are probably some of the smallest triangles I've used:

Note that the block, in its' raw state, measures less than 4 inches not 5 inches.

Since I've been making the scrappy liberated log cabin blocks I'm learning how small is too small (for me personally; I'm not into making miniature blocks!). I've actually started tossing out the skinniest strips and tiny odd pieces.

Now, back to the quilt for our friend who is battling cancer. Here's a detail shot in which you can see the fabric I used for sashing the strips together.

Here's another look:

And the completed top:

I opted to use the sashing fabric as outer borders down the long vertical edges but not across the top or bottom. We're binding the quilt with the pink print you see in the diamond panel. I think that will provide all the border needed at the top and bottom. It came together pretty well even though we didn't consult with each other beyond vague discussions about color and techniques. :- )

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