Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to Flannel

I put the green dinosaur block aside for the time being and got the binding sewn down on the flannel baby quilt over the weekend:

I used a blue print I'd bought on spec recently for the binding. It worked perfectly with the blues on the front and in these two prints I pieced together to make the backing:

I love it when things work out that way! All I need now is my car back so I can deliver it to the drop-off site :- )

To get over the disappointment of the rectangle-gone-square I dove into my flannel crumbs and just started sewing bits together. A few hours later I had this:

A 16" x 20" doll quilt. Or blanket, since I haven't quilted the interior section at all. I used white flannel for both the backing and a batting to help disguise all the seams of the front. Then I topstitched around the perimeter to hold the three layers together. Part of me wants to do a little quilting in the middle to hold everything together but at the same time I'm afraid to screw it up. Because of my recent experience with the flannel stretching during the quilting process. Since it's only a doll quilt I'm thinking it may not be a big deal to leave it as is. Thoughts?

Here's a close up on some of the piecing I had to do to get the strips the length I wanted:
I'm thinking I'll call this "Spare Change" since the overall design is basically Chinese Coins. That will only be for my reference, of course, since no little girl cares or needs a name for her dollie's quilt.

And now, for those of you in the Snow Zone - and everyone else who is more than ready for winter to be over - let me pass on this link to Ami Simm's site that a friend sent me. Ami is volunteering to - well, just click on the link and go see for yourself ;- )


  1. Darling doggies!!

    I read Ami's post earlier - what a HOOT!

  2. It's really cute. Since you stitched the edge, I think it's ok. Batting can shift if it's not held in place, but this is small and it's a solid piece of flannel inside instead of batting. Good luck!

  3. I don't know the doll may complain if she doesn't get real quilting....

    (very cute little quilt!)

  4. Hi Sue, thanks for all the good wishes during my down time *VBS*.
    Love both projects. The donation quilt is sooo cute and I love the back!
    The dolly quilt is such a happy and friendly one. I often piece with the flannel scraps in the MAM method. They hold up fine in big or small quilts. I don't think you should worry about the flannel stretching. I've quilted lots and lots of snuggle quilts that way, flannel top and backing with no problem. Maybe you'd like some utility quilting on the dolly quilt? Or tied with perle cotton? Or, if it's not for a small child, use a scattering of buttons, thats cute also. I'm sure you'll find your way, just don't worry about it. Hugs, Finn

  5. Thanks for the fun link. That Ami sure is a cut up.

    Your little quilts are darling. Finn gave you some great ideas about the doll quilt. She definitely knows about flannel and doll quilts.


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