Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back on the Orphan Train

When I was feeling so bad recently I needed a project that would distract me from my discomfort but not be demanding mentally. I dumped out my flannel scraps and found a section of rubber duckies and solid yellow I had pieced and never used. So I rummaged through the bigger strips and put this preemie top together:

It's backed and lightly quilted, ready to go. It's not quite as flat and pristine as I would like because the flannel stretched a bit with handling. No amount of pressing/steaming would shrink it back into place. {sigh} Oh well. Hopefully baby won't notice or care.

I also found a couple of 4Patch blocks I'd pieced at some point in time. There was a short stack of pre-cut squares too. That was enough to get me going on more 4Patch blocks, trying to use up some of the bits and pieces of flannels left over from making preemie quilts over the last few years.

This is 35 blocks, set 5 across by 7 down. (One of my Valentine roses leaning into the picture too!)

I realized that if I were to add a 3" border all the way around I could make the quilt big enough to donate to a local Project Linus effort. There was just enough of the blue flannel "Peanuts" print to do the job (with some strategic piecing in of additional 3" patches).

It may be too busy for some folks, but I really like this top. (I have tried to load things so you can click on the pictures and get a bigger image of the quilt.) My hope is that not only will the quilt provide comfort and warmth, but that the child will be intrigued by all the images and that some creative and caring adult will take the time to play I Spy with the child and this quilt. All I have to do now is get it layered and quilted or tied. ;- )


  1. this is a sweet and cozy little quilt-well done! I like the border a lot.

  2. very nice. i like your way of adding the patches to the borders to make them fit. i am inspired to make some project Linus quilts now, thanks to you. i also very much liked your wonky stars, but was having trouble commenting that day.

  3. You got a lot done, for someone that wasn't feeling very well! Very cute quilt tops! I'm sure they'll be well-loved. Good job, Sue!

  4. That quilt has such a homey, bright look

  5. It's such a cheery quilt! I love it! I think the extra 3" blocks that stretch the border fabric actually add to the quilt's interest. Nice!

  6. Very pretty quilt! Scrappies are my all-time favorites. It's so nice to pull out your odd bits and see that you have enough for a quilt.


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