Sunday, July 6, 2008

Giraffe Preemie Quilt

This one's for Carol :- )

It was this giraffe print that started this whole project, even though some bunnies managed to hop into it too...

The giraffe print has been in my stash since the 1980's. (Actually, now that I think about it, most of these fabrics have been!) It was only a quarter yard cut or so, and I'd fussy cut some of the images for a previous project at some point. The colors are just so pure and happy and it's so cute! That's probably why I've kept it in my stash for so long. But I have to make room for the newer prints coming in... I'm not getting any younger... I may as well let someone else enjoy the cuteness...

What's funny is that I didn't feel the urge to make this into something for one of my own granddaughters. I'm sure there will be more grandchildren in our family (I have two sons to marry off yet) but it just felt like the right time to finally make this up into something someone could actually use and enjoy. It's only 24" x 30" and is backed with a marbled yellow flannel. The layers are held together with stitching along the vertical seamlines. It took me a couple of weeks to get it started and finished, but there's no reason a person couldn't whip one up in a day. That's the beauty of preemie quilts. That, and the fact they provide color and comfort in the neo-natal intensive care units around the country.


  1. Oh, that is soooo cute! Thanks for thinking of me. The giraffes are adorable! (And I like bunnies, too, so I don't mind that a few hopped in. haha)

  2. Very sweet! I can see why you saved those giraffes for so long.

  3. It's really great Sue! Thanks for letting me know you'd finished it up. I think it's a grand quilt for a grand cause. Good for you for getting to the 'letting go' place. I need to do more of that also. Hugs, Finn

  4. Those giraffes are adorable! And I love your liberated quilt below too. I wouldn't want to give it away either!

  5. I think sometimes we get in a mood to move on. Yes, this print may no longer be available later but we can't hold on to everything for always. (I try my hardest though and pay for it with stuff that goes bad before I use it). It's a nice quilt and nurses and families will love it even if the preemie doesn't take notice!


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