Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And Speaking of Baby Quilts...

Here's an orphan I found in the thrift shop the other day. It's about 34" x 37" and looks to be bound with commercially made binding tape. I'm guessing the maker just sewed up a bunch of four-patch blocks and set them together however it felt right. She has two patches of the same red gingham butted up against each other in one spot but the rest is amazingly well balanced.

I'm surprised at how easy it is for me to date fabrics from a hundred years ago but how difficult it is for me to pin a date on this quilt. 1960's - 70's? I see a few patches that could have been from the 50's. Let's just call it late 20th century :- ) There are a variety of fabric types in it too: seersuckers and other textured weaves, heavier cotton prints that may have been curtain or upholstery fabrics, and at least one patch that is pieced.

It is not heavily worn but was dirty when I first brought it home. It washed up beautifully. I can't decide whether that blotch in the blue and white stripe patch was a flaw in the fabric from the beginning or whether it is a stain acquired along the way somehow. The quilting was done by machine, in a salmon-y pink color, and on the diagonal in one direction only. Oh, as I look at it more closely I see that there are some quilting stitches that have come out. Guess I'll have to do a bit of repair work there.

This backing fabric looks familiar to me but I can't place why. I may have owned some at one point; I may have seen it used in something an aunt made. It looks very 1980's to me. I suppose this could have been a rescued top, made into a quilt some years after the blocks were made. For four bucks ($4!) I couldn't leave it in the thrift shop. My granddaughters can play with it, sleep under it... whatever. It's simple but charming. Just the sort of thing I love!


  1. Hi Sue, What a neat find and alot of different fabrics to ponder over and study.I had fun looking at it too.
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Premio Award over on my blog. Don't feel under any obligation to do it, but I just wanted you to know. Don't worry about the meme part. Paula Hewitt really hit me up double for that one LOL... Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  2. it IS charming and very sweet. so much fun to see the fabrics.

  3. A true fabricholic, I love looking at all the different fabrics! What a great find!
    And I love that giraffe fabric! I can see why you held onto it for so long.
    Both are very cute quilts!

  4. Hi Sue, this is indeed a very charming quilt. Some patches look like they're from the 60s-70s to me, but there's a turquoise patch almost smack dab in the middle that's a fairly recent (maybe 5 years ago) Kaffe Fasset print. It's the one whose pattern looks like coral.

    Perhaps someone cleaned out her scrap bag, or combined scrap bags to make up this little quilt. Enjoy it, it's lovely.

  5. Well, after looking at a close-up of the quilt, I take the Kaffe Fassett part back. That print looks very similar to one of his, but that's not it. That patch looks like it's from the 60s instead.

    Cool quilt, but you're right, it's probably the age of the backing.

  6. Hi Sue, it's a great little quilt. Thanks for letting me know. I'm snithing it for the train.
    Looks to me like you are rigfht on in your assessment of the fabric dates. Definitely a utility quilt but a nice one! Hugs, Finn

  7. How lucky are you to find that and purchase it for only $4! I see some fabrics I used in the early 80's in that quilt! the backing looks familiar to me too! I think your grandaughter will have fun playing on that or cuddling up with it!

  8. This reminds me of the quilts my mom made for my sister and I for our twin beds when we were kids. I won't tell you how many years ago that was. LOL


  9. This isn't the first time you have been lucky at the thrift store, is it?! Great find. Your giraffe preemie quilt is adorable. Perfect for those wee ones.


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