Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baby Quilt Progress

If you recall, these are the orphan blocks I've pulled from my collection to make into a baby quilt for our next grandchild. Most of these blocks were made over a decade ago. (Closer to two decades for some of them!) My favorite block of the bunch happens to be the one in the center, the one made with the bright, clear green. It is also the newest block of the bunch.

I ordered three pieces of yardage from eQuilter.comfor this quilt. The fabric on the left (below) was intended to set the blocks together. The blue dotty print will be the binding.

Below is the print I bought for the backing. It was especially appropriate because DD was my ladybug when she was little and she now has a thing for frogs. I love the good wishes that are printed all around the frogs and bugs and leaves. They are exactly what I hope for for this new GD. I only wish the fabric itself was a little softer to the touch. Hopefully it will soften up with repeated launderings!

This morning I have been framing up the house blocks with the multicolor print. The new fabric is a little darker/grayer than I'd like but it works with those colors and prints from years ago. DD was just here and she's happy with it so I guess I'll keep working with it the way it is. I prefer the brighter, clearer colors that I have been using in more recent years but I'll just have to deal with it! My current challenge is to figure out how I want to include those pinwheel blocks (which were originally made for DD's first "big girl" quilt) at the top and bottom...

While DD was here she showed me a quilt she'd purchased at a garage sale last weekend. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it while she was here! Rats! It's only a baby quilt (if that) but it's made of a mix of fabrics - some vintage - that some of us are suckers for. Nine patch blocks set with alternate squares of solid burgundy, set in rows that were sashed with a sweet pink and red heart print and a light blue dress fabric that had a gold thread going through it and I don't remember what all else. There was a seersucker stripe in one of the 9 Ptaches. It had a border all the way around and was tied with long strings of something white-ish. Could have been string or maybe crochet cotton. An adorable little quilt that she got for $1.00! In really good shape too. I am so proud of her for thinking that quilt was worth rescuing. Yeah! Daughter after my own heart, even if she doesn't sew a stitch!


  1. If your concern on those blocks is that they don't seem to go, how about appliqueing a lady bug on one or two of them to help tie them together. From the photo they don't seem to clash except for your favorite bright green which will blend with those new fabrics you've chosen. The history in the quilt will be appreciated when the child is older and all the different colors when she or he is little. It will be a wonderful gift. I made a quilt for each of my 4 grandchildren. And just as I hoped, my daughter really let the kids use them instead of locking them away for "later".

  2. Hi Sue, I love,love,love the new fabrics!! I've got to go right over to equilter and see about that first 'dotted' one! Love it!

    And I think your plan is sound, altho I do like freebirds idea of a ladybug or two being appliqued on..*VBS*
    The rescue quilt is GREAT! She get a A++++ for her effort and her save! It sounds charming. Keep up the good work on the next quilt, glad you are feeling a bit better. Hugs, Finn


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