Saturday, December 23, 2023

Merry Christmas!

 The little hearts I've been making are the only gifts I've made this year. 

I've also been making little stitcheries for an international swap I'm involved in. I'll show you what I've made and what I've received next year. No handmade gifts for family members this year though! That was a gift from me to me. 😉 

In honor of the holiday...

This quilt began as a row-by-row round robin in my local quilt guild. I added the sampler blocks down the sides to widen the original product. It was finished in 2008. It spends the holidays on our living room couch. 

During a secret Santa gift exchange in the same guild I received this little embroidered pillow.

I absolutely love it. (It's not as yellow in real life.) 

And with that, let me wish all my friends and readers the happiest of Christmases or whatever you celebrate at this time of year. 😊


  1. Santa's Helper and the cushion, perfect together for the 25th. May your Christmas be happy and safe , restful and with maybe sunshine , and the all important peace and love to all of us. Fond greetings from Jean in NZ.

  2. Merry Christmas Sue! I'm up early to go for a walk... because if i don't do it early i won't do it... if you know what i mean.. Love your little hearts AND the gift to yourself! Hugs! deb


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