Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Great Big Little Stitchery Swap Continued

 I began this worldwide stitchery swap with six partners. If I've counted correctly I'm now up to eleven. The first squares have been sent and received, and squares are beginning to arrive in my mailbox. This is fun! 

This was the first square to be delivered here. It was made by SF in Arizona.

Remember, these squares are only around four inches in either direction. Aren't those hexagons wonderful?

The next one to arrive came from CG in Pennsylvania. Look at those tiny, tiny stitches!

She included a few extra goodies in the envelope, fabric swatches I can use in future stitcheries. 

My third swap square also came from Arizona, from MA. 

It's another amazing piece of art, with beads and sequins and organza flowers. Not to mention the lace frame. 

And most recently this square from LS was delivered from Oklahoma.

Absolutely charming! She stitched on denim, and those flower heads are loose, not stitched through the denim. Tatting? Detached buttonhole stitches? I don't know how she made them. 

In the meantime I've been making additional squares and sending them off. I haven't always remembered to take photos before putting my squares in the mail however. Nor do I remember which squares were sent where.


I know I've sent squares to each of the ladies I've received these squares from. I've sent a couple to England and at least one to Australia. As of this writing I have one more square to make, for a new partner in Canada. Annie has promised us there will be another swap in another few months for those who may have missed out this time around. And those of us who want to do it again!


  1. I love the " Doggie in the Window" and what a great way to make new friends and swap squares.

  2. These little stitcheries could be framed as tiny works of art! They are exquisite. No wonder it is fun to find one in your mailbox (as others are delighted when they receive yours). Quiltdivajulie

  3. This is such a cute project! Are those lilac flowers maybe a looped bullion stitch of some sort? I love how the tiny scale compresses such a lot of creativity into such a small space. They're like doll house artworks!

  4. Love these! So creative! 💜


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