Saturday, April 15, 2023

Scrap Happy in April

 It may be April but I'm not done with Halloween yet! When I completed the last quilt top I still had some 6" blocks left over. Not to mention smaller scrap patches. I used those patches to make more 6" blocks. 

My plan was to use these blocks in the middle of stars that would finish at 12" square. Twenty blocks would give me a kid's size quilt. This also gave me an opportunity to use up more of the remnants of older prints from my stash. I ended up cutting quite a few of those remnants right down to nothing!

At first I thought I would just set the stars side by side. However, when I had them all built and on the design wall they cried out for sashing. There weren't any purples left in my stash in the right hue to make the stars float. Finding something else to use was a challenge, I have to say. In the end I came up with a couple more remnants - because one wouldn't quite go the distance. That's two more older prints used up!

Sorry about the lighting. The top of the photo gets washed out by my overhead lights.

I had the most of this lighter print. I remember it being a difficult print to use in the past. This seemed to be an ideal application for it.

Then I had to find something to fill in the gaps. There was enough of this slightly darker print to use in the four corners of the quilt top.

I also used a trick I learned many, many years ago to get my purples to go the distance. In that star above the background is actually the back side of the fabric. Here's the front:

Too pink for this quilt top! But the back was perfect. 😊

I'm going to stop the top at this point (no borders, just binding). It will finish at about 54" wide by 68" long. I may have to purchase fabric for binding, but otherwise this has been nothing but scraps and remnants. It's very satisfying to be able to create a useful new product out of nothing but scrap materials. That's the premise behind this blog hop that Kate and Gun host each month on the 15th. Kate is in Australia, Gun is in Sweden, and bloggers from the rest of the world participate regularly. Lynn is rejoining us this month, and we're pleased to have Tierney joining us as well!

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  1. Oooh, this is fabulous, and you've used my favourite trick for getting exactly the right shade of a fabric by turning that purple round. (I've done exactly the same thing on my current project, with the lining). I really love this quilt. What colour are you planning for the binding?

  2. Any time of year is a good time for Halloween at least in my book.. lol Beautiful! Hugs! deb

  3. I like how all these parts came together, and how much fabric you used that hadn't really fit anything before. This is great!

  4. Love the colours and using up fabric that was difficult to use is such a satisfying feeling.

  5. I'm always game for Halloween, so I really loved this post. Nicely done.


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