Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Batty for Halloween

 I have not been having the best of times lately. However, I have been able to put more of my Halloween print scraps to good use. I had a 12" x 12" storage box full to the brim with bits and remnants, mostly of the more juvenile and/or whimsical type of prints. I'm pleased to report that I've reduced that quantity by as much as 80%! Of course, more scrap patches and strips were created in the process. That seems to be the way of scraps. 

I began with an odd assortment of blocks from the Parts Department.

There were a handful of 6" blocks, a couple that would finish at 12," but most of them were 9" blocks. There were some smaller parts too, which I was able to build up to nine or twelve inch blocks. Not to mention the scraps and remnants to make additional blocks.

I figured I'd frame up the 9" blocks to 12 inches. That was accomplished with strips and squares that finished at three inches. Because of the nature of the prints I knew this would be a child's quilt so I only planned for twenty blocks. A horizontal format seemed to work the best for arranging the blocks. 

It was really fun to fussy cut some of the images I found in my prints. I worried a bit over whether I would have enough of something appropriate to use as a final, outer border to frame up this busy top. 

A Moda Marble Swirls in jet black was perfect, and I had just enough for the narrow border and the binding. This quilt will finish at about 64" wide by 52" high. I even used up some old yardage to make the back. 😁 Now it's time to see what I can do with the smaller patches that remain...


  1. Love it all, bright and cheery and so much to find in all those blocks.

  2. Hi Sue, Lovely quilt for some lucky child. Take care of yourself. Love and Hugs...

  3. I think this is splendid!!! Take care of yourself, please. Quiltdivajulie


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