Sunday, August 14, 2022

Scrap Happy in August

 I have more than one project I could share with you for Scrap Happy Day this month! For now I'm just going to share one. 😉

I needed some rather mindless sewing to do recently so I went through my 2.5" scrap squares and pulled out 16 per color family to create blocks that will finish at 8" each.

I had a few of this sort of thing already in the Parts Department. But then I learned of the birth of a new great niece. Color blocks are always good for babies!

The question is, what to use between them? I have scrappy stars that might work (they're the same size as these 16 patch blocks). I could also frame up some 6" blocks to fill in the blank spaces. No decision has been made at this point. I have been trying to include some of the more whimsical or juvenile prints from my scrap box to make these blocks to add interest and surprises in the end product. 

In the meantime, the scrappy Ships quilt from last month's Scrap Happy Day has almost completed its' maiden voyage. I'll have to share that with you in a couple of days. 😊 

To see what others have been doing with their scrappy materials just click on the links below. And thanks to Kate and Gun for hosting this monthly link party!

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  1. Love this idea for your scraps. I think its perfect for your niece! And will be cherished.. Hugs! deb

  2. lucky baby, such a colourful, cheerful quilt .


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