Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Nibbling Away at the Parts Department

 A couple of months ago, as you may or may not remember, I pulled a bunch of my 6" scrappy Barn Door blocks out of the Parts Dept. and began to build a quilt out out them. I managed to get 88 blocks sewn into rows using donated fabric for sashing. 

But once the rows were assembled I could go no further. Last week I finally felt like tackling the job of inserting more sashing between the rows to complete the top. 

It turned out to be sort of an odd size to my way of thinking, 62" s 84." Not quite the right dimensions for a twin bed. It also seemed to be crying out for a solid or tonal dark blue border. That would have made it closer to a twin size too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything in my stash that would work. Nor was I up for fabric shopping. Our guild's stash didn't appear to have anything appropriate either. So it is what it is. When the paisley I used for the sashing was donated I also received sufficient yardage of a quiet print that worked really well for the back. All it needs now is to be quilted! 

Since my last post I've also made a pair of potholders out of the Parts Department. I was in such a hurry to send them on their way that I forgot to take pictures. I was able to use eight 4" (finished) crumb blocks for the fronts, four for each potholder, and 8" orphan blocks for the backs. They used up some scrap batting too. 😊 Now I'm going to have to start something else to have ready for Scrap Happy Day on the 15th!

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  1. A fine quilt and it must have cleared a good space in your parts department


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