Friday, January 15, 2021

First Scrap Happy Day of 2021

 And I'm probably one of the last to get my post up! This month Scrap Happy Day has worked much like the Stitch Along I participate in does for me, motivating me to do something I might not get done otherwise. I haven't been in a patchwork frame of mind for what seems like a long time, and that's where my scrappy efforts take place most often. But with Scrap Happy Day bearing down on us (the 15th of each month, courtesy of Kate and Gun) I got busy cutting and sewing sashing strips to 88 of my 264 scrappy Hole in the Barn Door blocks. 

Obviously that's not 88 blocks in the photo above. That was just the beginning. Now my design wall looks like this:

There are eleven rows of eight blocks each. The paisley print on a dark blue ground between the blocks will also appear as narrow strips between the rows. 

There was one block that had to have its' sashing strip removed because it just didn't seem to play well with the other blocks I'd selected. There's still one spot I'm not entirely happy with. As I approach the bottom of the design wall and the number of available blocks decrease it gets more challenging to achieve a pleasing distribution of colors and values. I'm not willing to go down the rabbit hole that would be rearranging the placement of existing blocks. I'm more inclined to remove another 6" length of sashing from one block and sew it to a different one if I do anything at all. Sashing between the rows may make it a moot point. The blocks won't be as close to each other as they are at the moment. The final decision will probably be dictated by my energy level when I get to that point. 😉

 This link party is open to anyone who is repurposing or salvaging scrap materials of any kind. Contact Kate or Gun if you'd like to join us. The folks in the link list below may or may not have a dedicated Scrap Happy post up but their blogs are were investigating in any case. 😊

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  1. That's a lot of blocks, and rearranging can be such a chore , you will know when one block stands out from all the others and just doesn't fit in. Hope you are safe from any riots, strife or virus disasters. We are OK down here, the daylight hours are already getting a little less each week, and this morning a lovely cooler 19C to start the day.

  2. Energy level is an undervalued principle of design!

  3. My principle is that if you can shrug and walk away from something that feels a little dubious, it's not that bad. If it keeps coming back to bother you, it's worth fixing. Your hind brain will tell you whether to conserve energy or fix the dratted thing! I think it's looking good, and the couple of blocks I might change out are probably not the same ones that you'd move!

  4. In my opinion, this is already a pleasing collection. =)


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