Thursday, August 15, 2019

Scrap Happy in August

Scrap Happy Day is hosted each month by Kate and Gun, half way across the world from each other. It's open to anyone using their scrap materials, whatever they may be. Mine tend to be fabric scraps from the quilts I make. This time of year, however, it's hard for me to do any patchwork. If I have the windows open to cool the house toxic fumes or particulates drift in and make it hard for me to function. When we close the windows and run our small air conditioning unit the studio doesn't get cool enough to have the iron on for pressing seams. Not comfortably anyway. So I've been doing more needlework of late. They've been primarily new-to-me canvases and linens but not always brand new. On one canvas, which I won't show in full because it will be a gift later this year, I've been able to use some cotton floss leftover from the needlepoint kits I was doing last year.

All the white is scrap floss. The green is what's left of a skein that's been in my stash for decades so it could be counted as well. 😉

The pile of scrap patches for 6" Ship blocks had grown considerably before my piecing endeavors were put on hold. I cut backgrounds for them and have managed to get this fleet assembled early in the mornings.

The postage stamp star was partially constructed back when I was still working on the plaid Wrench quilt. Got that finished up too. 😁

Scrap Happy Day is the 15th of each month. To see what others have done with their scrap materials click on the links below.

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  1. That is so hot, hard to imagine from down here. Keep your cool, as the saying goes.

  2. I love those sailboats! Every time I see them, I think I need to make up a batch of fabrics for HSTs and start some as leader enders. I'm so sorry this hot time of year is chasing you out of the studio. I hope it cools off for both of us soon! The needlework looks wonderful. You have so many talents!

  3. Well done for still managing to produce lovely things under less than perfect conditions. It's freshened up here now because we've had some rain which makes things a lot more comfortable - I'm even managing to join a crochet blanket together which would have been unthinkable a week or so ago. Hopefully you'll get some cooler weather there soon too.

  4. It may be hot, and there may be fumes, but you've still managed to work to good effect. I do love the idea of salvaging ingredients for your needlework; personally, I simply don't do enough of it to end up with usable scrap, except maybe the end of a skein of something or other. Not always that promising....


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