Tuesday, April 23, 2019

This Little Piggy...

Is finally done!

This is the fourth piggy bank coin purse I've stitched. One for each granddaughter. 😊

Here's the complete set:

The background colors were not necessarily chosen according to the girl's preferences. More like those were the colors I had enough of from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. The plan is to present these at the end of the school year with a bit of mad money in each one. By the way, there's another give away going on over at the VMSS. You could win a gorgeous set of pinks from light to dark if you sign up as a follower. 😀

Now I have to come up with new stitching projects. (Aw darn!) Actually, the next gingerbread house to embroider has come from Joy. I also picked up an orphan stamped pillowcase from an Etsy shop to stitch. It's just a matter of selecting colors and getting started.

There have been a couple of extraordinary events behind the scenes of The Magpie's Nest lately. The first one wasn't so good. This happened to my studio chair.

Just to clarify, we didn't take it apart on purpose, it broke. Then Hubby took it apart further to see if he could repair it for me. I've tried to find a replacement chair in the past but never came up with something that fit the space I have or my small frame. So I've been using a cushion to compensate for the flattened upholstery and carried on. Fortunately, Hubby was able to weld the bits back together and I'm good to go once more. Or at least as good as I ever was. 😉

And speaking of being able to go, these are my new wheels!

Sorry about the fence being in the way. This is a 2017 Chevy Bolt EV. Yes, an electric car! It seems ideal for me since I cannot go to a gas station without serious side effects. My husband had the job of keeping my old Saturn Ion fueled up. Not any more! Now I can plug this one into the outlet on the exterior of the garage front and it'll be ready for the next short trip I make around town. Short trips are all I do anymore anyway. Too much exposure to the exhaust fumes on a freeway will also have a debilitating effect on my system. Although this newer vehicle may be safer for longer trips than the old Saturn, more air-tight as it were. Still, it's not like I have much of anywhere to go where I can safely get out of the car. The other blessing in finding this car was that the interior seemed neutral, already off-gassed and not impregnated with anyone's cologne or "air fresheners." It's outfitted with all the newest electronics however. I'm being dragged, kicking and screaming all the way, into the 21st century. Can't say I'm entirely comfortable with them yet although I do see the advantage of the back-up camera. I'm sure I'll adapt after I've spent more time in the car.


  1. The old chair and the new wheels, that is an excellent way to go.Although I am not over sensitive and do not have huge reactions, I hate the smell of new paint, petrol fresh fish, nail polish and some deodorants etc. Love the purses, and to be filled with goodies is the perfect finish.

  2. Nothing beats a faithful old chair, even if the padding has become somewhat bony. I'm wondering if you could get the cover off, give it several generous layers of batting and then replace the cover? As for that new car, how wonderful to have one that doesn't trigger reactions and also doesn't continue to emit filth and fumes into the atmosphere. Great choice, and btw, great colour! I'm pretty sure you'll eventually come to appreciate some of the modern technology. I always thought I didn't need it until I got it!

  3. Those little purses are adorable.
    I've never understood air fresheners in cars. They stink when they're new and I've no idea what people do in their cars to necessitate them - maybe I don't want to know.
    Electronic gizmos in cars are a double edged sword. I have no idea how I'd park in small places now if I ever have a car with no warning beeper when I get to close. My last car had automatic lights so I never had to think about putting them on. My present car doesn't so I sometimes forget :o

  4. Love your little piggy pouches! I'm sure they'll be well-received!
    Snazzy new car! My aunt has an electric car and they're quite different, aren't they? So quiet...

  5. Just love the little piggy coin purses, such fun!

  6. Your granddaughters will be thrilled with their little piggy purses, especially if they already contain pennies to spend lol. Glad hubby got your chair sorted for you.

  7. Hurrah for DH's ingenuity! Your new car looks quite sporty and I'm happy to hear came sans nasty fumes. Love those piggy purses. Your grand daughters will be tickled pink to receive a bit of mad money at the end of school. 🙂


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