Wednesday, February 6, 2019


This notice showed up when I was reading through the comments left on my blog recently:

Following the announcement of Google+ API deprecation scheduled for March 2019, a number of changes will be made to Blogger’s Google+ integration on 4 February 2019. 

Google+ Comments: Support for Google+ comments will be turned down, and all blogs using Google+ comments will be reverted back to using Blogger comments. Unfortunately, comments posted as Google+ comments cannot be migrated to Blogger and will no longer appear on your blog. 

I never took full advantage of Google+ on my blog so I don't know how this may affect any of my readers. What I do know is that none of the Blogspot blogs I've subscribed to have been showing up in my Inbox. I assume that is connected with the changes that are being made in some way. I can only hope that will be corrected soon. 

I only use technology because I have to in order to stay in touch with the quilting/needlework world. Mostly I find it  confusing and overwhelming. Please bear with me as I try to cope with things out of my control. 


  1. I use Bloglovin as my reader feed - I don't read the posts in the reader but it alerts me to the fact that there is a new post on the blogs I follow. I never got into Google Plus and now I'm extra glad.

  2. I went into my Google+ account to try and find out what I could do. It offers you the option of a unique URL which you can register for yourself. It keeps the same ID and image. I signed up for it and it switched my Google+ account over. For now, this is free, although they reserve the right to charge at some future point. At that stage, I'll be trying to work out how to create a Blogger ID for myself without actually using the blogging faciilty, but for now, I think I'm OK. If I lose the ability to comment, I'll email comments to you instead!

  3. I've never been able to comment on your blog using Google as my browser - I always have to change over to Internet Explorer if I want it to show up here. Sounds like it will be more difficult in future. I'll follow Kate's advice.


Due to my health issues I am frequently unable to respond to your comments but please know that I appreciate your thoughtful responses. I cannot respond to 'no-reply' bloggers either, much to my frustration.