Saturday, January 19, 2019

Scrap Happy Follow-up

Remember those quilt parts and pieces I made for the stage play?

I haven't been given much hope of seeing the missing row of blocks anytime in the near future so I went ahead and finished the top at a smaller size than I originally intended. There were enough blocks already made, it was just a matter of rearranging what I had and framing up one or two more sawtooth stars to fill in the gaps.

Now I'm waiting for some yardage I hope will be appropriate for the back (and maybe the binding). I like my quilt backs to coordinate with the front in some way whenever I can manage it. 😊

And that Disappearing 9 Patch I started for Scrap Happy Day?

I started out with a goal of making 20 blocks... then I cut some more patches from remnants and made a total of 25 blocks. That allowed me eleven rows of nine blocks each for a good size quilt top - with one single block leftover!

There was enough variety in the prints so that it was easier to resist the urge to tweak block placements. A person could go crazy trying to get an even distribution of colors and prints in a quilt like this. 😀

This quilt will finish at about 58" x 72." Now it's time to figure out what to do about a back...

I could also use a name for this piece. I have a terrible time coming up with monikers for my quilts - unless they have some distinguishing feature. About the only thing I've come up with for this one is Mulligan Stew!

1.21.18: Ah ha! I shall call thee "Confetti!"


  1. A very apt name, I would keep it right there. Lots of colour.

  2. It is a great name but if you're looking for other suggestions, what about 'Diversity' or, a word I think I first saw on Kate's blog, 'Gallimaufry'.

  3. How about Rainbow Sprinkles as a name? It's a great result from a small start. For the back, how about using broad strips of fabric to create a large scale stripe effect to contrast with the busy front?

  4. I love it, no matter what you call it! I can understand why it would drive you bonkers trying to move the blocks to co-ordinate the colours.


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