Thursday, January 25, 2018

First New Quilt of the New Year

I completely lost my quilt-making mojo as we approached the holiday season. Slowly, slowly it's returning. I haven't been able to commit to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2018. There don't seem to be enough scraps to bother with at the moment. Must be time to make new scraps! (We won't talk about all the blocks I've made in previous years that could be built into quilts!)

I still have yardage (or at least pieces of yardage) that has been around longer than I'd like. Figured I might as well begin with one of my overflowing categories of novelty prints... Halloween.

This isn't even a third of what could be called Halloween in my stash!

I've also had the Disappearing 9 Patch pattern/process in mind lately. It looks to me to be useful for eating up miscellaneous prints while at the same time not requiring a lot of creative energy. I'm sure I could have confirmed that with some online research but I haven't been up to surfing the web this week.

I started by cutting 5" squares from the more juvenile Halloween prints in my collection. Most of them could be considered fussy cuts. My plan was to keep them in the corners of the nine patch blocks so they can be feature elements of the quilt. The math is a little different for the D9P; it took me a few days to figure out how many blocks I'd want for a kid's quilt. Finally I decided on twenty. Of course I didn't have enough of any one print appropriate for what I'm calling the background patches but I did manage to find a couple others to supplement my original choice.

I'm hoping this will help to produce a random, scrappy look in the end product. I find it challenging to be truly random even when I'm working with actual scraps.

I now have all 20 blocks assembled.

Six of the 20 blocks.

The next step is to cut each block into quarters, then scramble the parts and reassemble them into the final block format, which is a four patch block.

A handful of the prints I used to make these blocks were reduced to scraps. It's a small victory, given the amount of yardage that remains, but a victory nevertheless. 😊


  1. They look to me like they fit the bill!!! Scraps, my batik boxes are overflowing, but when I came to find Foxy's ear pieces, had a struggle!!! Most of what I save, and that is every tiny piece, were too small. But I managed to find matching pieces, for 3 new foxes. Your Halloween fabrics are great.

  2. I don't think I've heard anybody else say that they are actually 'trying' to make scraps. Roll on that day in my house ;)

  3. It's going to be such a fun quilt for a child, all those spooky friends to play I-Spy with! I think you have a good, simple strategy in place for dealing with both your dry spell and your stash.

  4. I am impressed by your Halloween collection. I have one (untouched) Halloween print that came in a scrap pack, I think!

  5. You´ve got some great (scary) fabrics. I´m glad you decided to use them!!!!


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