Monday, July 10, 2017

Ready to Roll

My little travel trailer is all fitted out and ready to go to her new home. :- )

I felt I needed something to justify the yellow trim around the door. That's why the huge flowers were "painted" on the roof. Now that I see it from this distance I may put a third blossom between the other two.

My idea for French knot bobbles on one or the other of the window treatments didn't work out. Instead we have chain stitched shades in the long window...

I still have to acquire the skill for getting good clear detail shots.

And then a tiny vase or Mason jar for flowers on a table top in the other window.

The vase/jar is all of 1/4" tall.
It shows up better in person, trust me. I used as many of the hand dyed flosses as I could, including that little vase. It's actually a subtly variegated pink-yellow color. So delicate and pretty!

I don't know if  I will jump right into another caravan embroidery. I've set up a new needlepoint project that will use more of this lovely floss. You probably won't be seeing it here until after the recipient has received the end product however. At the rate I'm going you won't have to wait long! I seem to be in needlework mode instead of quilt making or piecing. Summer's heat may be partly responsible. This sort of work doesn't involve having the iron on until the very end. :- )

I hope you will forgive my shameless promotion of the floss from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Nancy is celebrating Christmas in July with a new give-away almost every day so far. The more I spread the word, the better my chances are of having my name drawn for one of them!


  1. Oh, fabulous! She's gorgeous, and I love the huge sunny flowers on the top half. I think you should definitely make more of these - a whole trailer park full, all different :-) (That'd use up too much of your lovely floss, maybe, but how lovely it would look!)

  2. The flowers on top absolutely MAKE this piece!

  3. Oh, I do like this caravan! The yellow flowers are perfect as they are.


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