Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ScrapHappy Day

I missed the link party on Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge but I haven't quite missed out on Kate's ScrapHappy Day!

I didn't feel like dealing with random crumbs this time around. I actually find it more relaxing to work with precision cut pieces. I keep my shorter 1.5" scrap strips in this box next to my cutting table:

I found this beauty in a thrift shop some years ago. It was meant to hold tissues but I've never used it for that purpose. I love the tole painting all around the box however, so I had to find something to keep in it! It hasn't been closing snugly of late.

I decided to cut 1.5" squares from the shortest of these strips to make 16 patch blocks. After half an hour's cutting this is what I had to work with:

And this is what I made from them:

It may not be today, or anytime in the near future, but my intention is to turn them into 8" Sawtooth or Variable Star blocks eventually. Like this one:

More fodder for the Parts Department!


  1. My favourite kind of star! I'm glad we'll be seeing more of those. And at least you should be able to close your box now!

  2. All those tiny squares! I'm sure though that, now they've been made into larger squares, you will be more likely to use them eventually.

    (I've posted your blocks for F2f by the way so they will hopefully be with you by the end of the month)

  3. I can see some beauties coming from these scraps.

  4. What a lovely idea to turn your 1.5" squares into 16 patch star centers.... I just started a 1.5" squares scrap project too (completely different from yours) .... I will show its beginning in the next ScrapHappy round.

  5. What a beautiful box! And what a great way to store some of your scraps. The box itself is very inspiring.

    Love your stars! They will make a fun, scrappy quilt. I need to file this in my idea file to remember later. I never know what to do with the littlest scraps.

  6. Yay! I have some company in the "I prefer to sew precision cut pieces" department. I still have a crumb jar, but I am happier with squares.


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