Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pincushion Parade Straggler

During my tour of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge bloggers this past weekend I came across a Pincushion Parade hosted by Ida over at My Sister Made Me Do It. I can't resist bringing up the rear with a few pincushions of my own!

First up we have a patchwork cushion I made for myself several years ago, along with the traditional dressmaker's wrist cushion.

These live on my cutting table, very near the design wall so I can grab a pin or two when a flimsy gets too heavy to stick to the flannel on the wall without assistance.

This one lives next to my sewing machine and gets daily use.

It's simply a felted wool ball sitting inside a little bowl one of my children made when they were young. How could it not be a favorite? ;- )

These are my more unique pincushions:

A Victorian style pedestal cushion with a velvet top embellished with buttons, a country cardinal, a black-faced sheep made from another felted wool ball and some pipe cleaner, and a log cabin block hen made by a friend. All but the cardinal get stuck with pins and needles. He's so tall and spindly I worry about stability. I don't often look what I'm doing when I have a pin to dispose of!

In the process of rounding up these pin keepers I came across this small, squat jar without a lid.

Wouldn't it make a cute pincushion? :- )

I'm linking up with the rest of the Parade over here.


  1. I should really make myself a wrist pincushion. I'm always carrying my pincushion around and have to go back to my cutting table nearly every time I sew something because it's still there. Do you use yours often?
    You certainly have a much more interesting collection that I do.

  2. Oh, yes, turn that jar into a pincushion! I love your collection. You have acquired some lovely ones.

  3. What a great collection of pincushions! I have a couple of similar bowls that were made by our children. No felted balls in them though... maybe I should add one to use as a pincushion. And yes, that jar would make a great pincushion too.

  4. I have a few too, but none are as interesting! My main one, though, is a large tin box full of glass head pins because it's easier to toss the pins in one-handed when I'm sewing a long seam than find a space on the pincushion to stick it! I really *should* do the wrist pincushion thing for when I'm pinning up sections - most of the time I stick 8 or 9 pins in my mouth - I've never had an accident yet, but there's always a first time!

  5. I really love the country cardinal and all you other pincushions are sweet....thanks for sharing....I will be watching to see what you do with that cool jar!

  6. You can never have too many pincushions. I do have a wrist one which, when I remember to put it on, is very useful. I made a couple of log cabin chickens - a bit larger than yours - some years back but stuffed them with wheat and my daughters used them as heat pads when they had tummy aches. Perhaps I'll retrieve them from wherever they're lurking now and repurpose them!

  7. Pretty collection of pincushions. I like the cardinal best.

  8. Nice pincushions. I like the log cabin chicken. I'll have to look for that pattern.

  9. i've just seen my favourite pincushion in the whole parade - your felted ball in a pot! I love it and it won't move far. Sometimes the simplest can be the best. xx


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