Friday, September 28, 2012

Gentle Progress

My hand is healing well. The external wound is disappearing nicely but the internal healing is apparently going to take some time. Things are still tender and overall my hand is weak. I have been able to do some sewing though. In my last post I mentioned that I could make blocks from patches I've habitually cut from scraps. This first batch is mostly from the prints I used in my Crowns quilt:

The units below were made from squares and half-square triangles that finish at three inches for more six inch blocks for my Parts Department. I haven't found a name for this basic four patch but it is found as a component part of many complex blocks.

I also had some batik patches...

 And I found some quarter-square triangles. I used them to work up this twelve inch Ohio Star block.

By this time I'd pretty much used up my pre-cut patches. At least the ones I was willing to put together into a block! It occurred to me then that sewing blocks together into a top wouldn't be much more difficult than building individual blocks. I found these Shoo Fly blocks in my Parts Drawer that I thought would work together for a lap quilt. I was thinking a vertical strippy set as I put them on the design wall.

By this time I was ready to try some rotary cutting again and since I wasn't satisfied with a few of those blocks I cut new patches and sewed up new blocks.

Now the challenge is to find the right print to use to set the blocks!

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  1. well...what wonderful blocks you came up! glad you are feeling up to using a rotary cutter now..nothing worse than being injured and unable to sew!


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