Friday, September 14, 2012

Forced Hiatus

I cut my left palm pretty badly a few days ago. Not with a rotary cutter, as you might expect, but with a sharp kitchen knife.  I never have been very good in a kitchen. As the saying goes, I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.

Consequently my sewing activities have been curtailed for a while. I'm beginning to get bored now however, and am wondering whether I could at least piece some pre-cut patches together for blocks like this...

Or maybe I could just sew scraps together for crazy made-fabric blocks or liberated log cabins. In any event it will be long strings of chain piecing, Not sure I trust myself to pick up an iron yet. I don't want to get excited and open the wound accidentally!

Of course, there's a bunch of tedious sorting of papers, etc. that I could do...

Surely that wouldn't speed healing the way more fun activities would though, would it? ;- )


  1. Dang, sound like me. I am a danger in the kitchen and have multiple knife wounds in the wooden floor to prove it! My latest mishap was a pair of Gingher scissors in the sewing room. Off the ironing board and straight down into my foot. I was immersed in a project and it took me two hours and a return visit to the nook to see a dark red puddle on the carpet and wonder why I spilled paint there. Nope, my own blood. Dang..sometimes, I'm with it and sometimes I'm just not. A delayed clean up and bandaid for me!'re quicker than I am to notice things..ha! Hope you heal well!

  2. ugh, that's awful. oooow. get better soon!

  3. I hope you're on the mend soon. Hand injuries are no fun.

  4. Sorry about your hand! All right now?


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