Monday, July 16, 2012

Another New Project

I haven't laid out the chevron blocks yet. Nor have I made any progress on the challenge project for the La Conner Quilt Museum. I seem to be suffering from Attention Deficit Quilting Disorder...

I ripped this picture out of a Country Living magazine a couple of years ago because the quilt on the bed really appealed to me.

It's an antique quilt that the homeowner purchased somewhere back east so there was no maker's name and no quilt name given in the accompanying article. I drafted out the block and eventually discovered that it can be called Four Crowns or Sailboat. There may very well be other names for it as well.

I thought of this quilt after seeing a black and white quilt one of the members of my local quilt guild had with her at the meeting last week. The quilt in the photograph was made of indigo blues and shirting prints. I didn't want a reproduction quilt but I did like the high contrast between the dark blue and the white and ivories. I decided to try it in black and white prints.

Or mostly black and white prints! ;- )

According to my 1,001 Patchwork Designs by Maggie Malone four blocks set this way is called Four Crowns.

Four blocks set the way they are in the middle of this layout is called Sailboat.

"Crowns" makes more sense to me. There's no telling what name my final quilt will end up with however!

My plan is to make enough blocks to end up with a roughly sixty inch quilt. These blocks finish at 8.25 inches. I think there's going to be a black and white checkerboard border (made from four patch blocks).

It's interesting to me that I need so much fairly mindless sewing these days. I used to enjoy the challenge of creating completely original work. Now I don't have the mental energy for that sort of thing. I'm content to cut the same shapes over and over, and to chain piece long strings of patches. Maybe this shows personal growth or maturity. All I know is that it feels weird. Based on past experience, this is abnormal behavior for me!


  1. I can see why you saved that quilt picture - I love it too! Country Living mag had the best antique quilts in there for a few years. I've saved quite a few of the photos too, just for the quilt inspiration.

    But I think your "new" take on this pattern is going to be very striking! It will be fun to watch this one take shape.

    That Quilter's ADD is tough to fight! Looks like you're on a roll, so don't fret too much. You'll get back to the other projects soon enough.

  2. Excellent new project!

    It takes all kinds of work - mindless, intense, chain-pieced, original, liberated, etc. . . . whatever makes you happy at the time.

  3. Hey GF, abnormal or not, the place you are at, is the place you are at! For some of us, it's those long periods of no motivation or desire to create or even sew. For others it is the mindless sewing associated with repeat pattern blocks. Nothing wrong with either place. In my opinion, only in law and politics can you always be in charge of the direction you are going. Hmmm, maybe I should limit that to the fantasy of politics..ya think?
    Absolutely LOVE the chosen block, and I think your back and white makes a huge visual impression. It's good Sue, really good!

  4. Oh my gosh, I ripped out the same picture! I have it in an inspiration folder. Love your crown quilt. Someday I'll make one too!


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