Sunday, January 15, 2012


So now that Christmas is over I can show you a few of the potholders I made as gifts for folks. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all of them. In fact, a couple of the cutest ones were the ones I neglected to photograph!

I started with this six inch basket block, framed up to eight inches.

It looked a little blah. I pondered on it for a day or two and then decided to take off two of the white framing strips. I replaced them with more of the peppermint candy print. I like this much better. :- )

After than I pretty much stuck to my go-to block, Hole in the Barn Door. I love the way it acts as a frame for novelty prints.

This pair are for an ex-pat Texan (just in case you couldn't tell!).

I've been doing a bit of tidying up in the Magpie's Nest since finishing my journal quilt (see previous post). I suspect there will be some reorganization taking place as the year progresses but not a lot all at once. I did have an "ah ha!" moment though when I was trying to tally up my accomplishments from the last year. I've been marking them in my studio journal as I complete them but I wasn't keeping a running list anywhere. I know some folks do that on their blogs; that doesn't seem to be my style. Instead, I found this gorgeous little journal:

It's only about 4" x 6" and feels like something special in my hands. Being able to record another finish in this little book may actually act as a motivator to get more done!

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  1. Potholders are so fun to do - small, quick and you can play around with stuff. Yours look great! And your journal is so beautiful! I think that would definitely motivate!


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