Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Time For A Change

We are experiencing a stagnant air alert here on the north left coast of the USA. Consequently I'm having more trouble than usual. Can't poke my head out the door without being affected. There's been no progress on the Halloween stars; I've neither made more nor put what I already have on the design wall to see what else I might want.

It felt like a major accomplishment yesterday to make two of these little six inch basket blocks:

The snowflake background and peppermint candies in the basket are as close as I've come to the Christmas spirit so far this season. At least in the quilt studio. Our fresh-cut tree is up and the lights are on, courtesy of my son. I've managed to put out the Christmas hand towels and potholders. My fear is that by the time we get everything ready for Christmas it will be New Year's! Hopefully it won't be long before the high pressure in our atmosphere lifts so the air can clear a bit. And maybe then I'll have some energy again...


  1. Hi Sue,
    Your basket block and your Halloween starts are a lot of fun. I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your creative time.

  2. That's cool..

    Check this out:

  3. Just checking in on you! This is a challenging season in so many ways. Hope the pressurized air lifts for you and everything ..inside and out...gets cleaned out and you feel stronger and more invigorated. Love all of your new stuff...especially those great stars!


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