Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stars Over the Punkin Patch

There has been a lot of deliberation involved in the making of this quilt top. First of all, how many stars did I want to make?

I debated between 35 stars and 48 stars. I wanted the size 48 blocks would give me but frankly, after 35 I'd had enough. That's when I realized that if I cut the pumpkin print that helped start this whole project into wide borders I could easily achieve the size I wanted.

So I stopped at 35 nine inch blocks.

Finally I got them all on the wall...

and had to arrange and rearrange them until I achieved what I felt was the most balanced distribution. (This is not it by the way.)

I debated over whether to just slap the pumpkin print borders on or whether to insert a flat piping or tiny inner border... and in the end I got impatient and just put the pumpkins on.

I made a small error in that I only cut the strips 4.5" wide instead of five inches so they'll finish at four inches instead of the 4.5" I wanted. Oh well! It's done. I do feel like it could use something... a transition between the stars and the border or something. But I'm hoping that a black binding will give it the finishing touch and pull it all together. I'm going to put it away for the time being, maybe create a back, and see what it looks like when I have fresher eyes. For now I think it's time to turn my attention to getting caught up with my Bead Journal Project ATC's for the year. :- )


  1. I think it looks wonderful ... why is it that we second-guess and constantly challenge our own decisions so much? Our inner critic is helpful but sometimes needs to take a break!

  2. I agree with quiltdivajulie - it looks excellent, the layout you have chosen is very well balanced. I think you are right - when it has a black binding added it will be finished. Isn't it funny how we can cut a 5 inch strip and it can turn into a 4 and a half inch strip. Sometimes I think quilt rulers are having a laugh.

  3. I think your stars look great! Yes, I think the black binding will help pull it all together. I hate when I cut the strip at what I wanted the finished size to be - doh! I feel so stupid. But "finished is better than perfect"! And it's wondeful!

  4. Your quilt really came out beautifully. It must have been fun using all the Halloween prints. I know what you mean about getting that "are we there yet?" feeling toward the end of a project, but it really looks great.


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