Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Addition

A lot of quilters (and doll makers) want to add a Singer Featherweight sewing machine to their arsenal of tools. They are lovely to look at and wonderful to take to classes and retreats.

photo courtesy of Tami Levin

I've never really felt the need to acquire one, and now that I'm home bound it seems even less necessary. I have, however, hungered after another type of featherweight. Call it a Featherweight Singer...

My version is an American Singer canary. I ended up with a bigger cage than I was planning on but at the price being asked I couldn't pass it up. I'm happy to provide the bird with plenty of room; I just had to clear more space than anticipated and not all of my treasures have found a new home yet.

So far my little singer is nameless. I have something in mind but I'm still open to suggestions. I just love his intense yellow. Now I can have sunshine on the dreariest of days. :- )

I have been plugging away at my scrappy blocks too.

I think it's about time I quit making blocks and start putting them together into a quilt top. Between the orphan blocks already in my possession and these newest ones I certainly ought to have enough for at least one quilt.

I've learned that there is an effort to get comfort/utility quilts to Japan via Quilters Newsletter magazine as well as eQuilter. The details are here. Either way, it's easier to ship a quilt or quilts to Ohio (eQuilter and Mission of Love) or Colorado (Quilters Newsletter and Patchwork Tsushin) than to have to fill out a customs form for overseas shipments. My goal is to put together something cheerful and back it with flannel for extra warmth. So I guess I'd better get off the computer and get busy!


  1. LOVELY bird! I hope he brings you LOTS of joy . . . can't wait to see what you name him!

  2. A friend of mine used to show canaries.

    Oh oh oh - I'd love a Featherweight.

  3. Our first featherweight 'Singer' was named Parkay..as in margarine, he flew in the patio door at MIL's house and we took him home. We thought he needed a girl friend. We named her Scarlet. We ended up having a Rhett, a Melanie, an Ashley and 7 additional babies. Need I say more? They like to do more than sing....so look out for love connections.


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