Friday, January 7, 2022

Slow Stitching

 There are all sorts of new community projects popping up with the start of a new year. I'm talking about online communities like YouTube and Facebook. I've never been one for New Year's resolutions but I do enjoy suggestions for new creative endeavors. It's being very hard this year to be laid up and unable to play along, at least not yet. I wasn't able to finish the #52tagshannemade project by the end of last year either. Hopefully when things improve for me physically I'll still be interested in completing my set of ATC's for that project. In the meantime I thought I would share some small pieces of slow stitching I did late last year that I don't think I've shown here.

My understanding of "slow stitch" is that it's meant to be a meditative endeavor with needle and thread. Some people doodle with a pen or pencil for mindless relaxation. I think of this as doodling with thread. And I do find it very soothing. I'm missing it terribly at the moment. 

This strip is a piece of muslin over scrap batting. It's about 2.5" high and 10" long. At first it was difficult for me to stitch without a specific purpose or end product in mind for the work. Gradually it became a place to practice or play with embroidery stitches. There's chain stitch, lots of feather stitching, blanket stitches, some fly stitches, French and Colonial knots, and just plain straight stitches. I'm not sure this is actually done yet. There's a blank space on the left I could fill in. Or I may not. 

This square was done on a mottled yellow cotton, again over a scrap of batting. I really like the texture that the stitches over batting create. This one and the others I'll show you are all about four inches square. Basically the same stitches throughout.

Same yellow ground on this one. Can you tell I like feather stitching? And variegated thread!

I used tiny scraps to create the foundation for the one above and below.

It's this sort of work I want to get back to more than quilt making at the moment. I did try to do some machine piecing after the onset of this current affliction but it didn't go well. Maybe after a bit more time I can ease back into my textile projects. ­čĄ×


  1. The purples and blues with the stitches extending into the top turquoise is beautiful, this is my pick, but every piece shows a lot of hours and stitches. I hope for you 2022 is a better year, with safe days, no covid spreading near you, and the vapours and smells stay a LONG way away.

  2. I love these! I have wanted to start a slow stitching project myself and I always look at the posts about them. I hope this will be the year I stitch along! And I hope your health allows you to resume the work you love.

  3. Yes, slow stitching seems to have taken over the stitching world right now. Your little compositions are thoughtful and pretty. Be kind to yourself and do what you love when you can.


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