Monday, December 20, 2021

Full Stop

 I  made some additional progress on the new quilt top out of the Parts Department. Built a couple of 12" blocks out of 6" parts and then sashed the blocks with scrap strips to mimic the Chinese Coins columns I intend to put between and on either side of these three columns.

But now I seem to be suffering from a flare of carpal tunnel syndrome. I tried a bit of needlework...

And had to quit due to the shooting pain up my forearm. This was meant to be my ATC for week 50 of the #52tagshannemade project. My hope of having a complete set of ATC's by the end of the year has evaporated. I am determined to fulfill the final prompts eventually, it just won't happen this year, darn it. There won't be much, if any, progress on quilts in the immediate future either. Both arms are acting up actually, the left less than my dominant right side, but enough to keep me from using either to the extent I normally would. {sigh} This is NOT FUN. 😒 I am feeling more like the Grinch this Christmas than Sally-Mae Who (or whatever her name is). 

May your holidays be brighter than mine this year! ❤️


  1. 😢 Not being able to stitch is not a good thing! Wishing you a rapid recovery though I don't know what the real treatment other than surgery is. Regardless, I do hope you find a way to have a Merry Christmas

  2. Oh, Sue - I am SO sorry. Taking a break is hard when you WANT to stitch, but perhaps the break will let things heal so you do some stitching early next year. Take care and try to enjoy the holidays (even if you do feel a bit Grinch-ish right now).

  3. Carpal tunnel flare ups are so painful, Hugh had surgery on both wrists at the same time, but the relief was immense. Now our younger daughter has severe problems in her left wrist.I wonder if it can be hereditary?? Hope you can still have a really Happy Christmas.

  4. Sorry to hear you're in pain Sue and I hope there is some improvement soon. I think rest is the only way forward in these situations I'm afraid.
    I hope you enjoy your Christmas anyway.

  5. Hope you get better soon - there is a useful Just Get It Done youtube video on taking care of your hands which might be helpful.

    1. Welcome to The Magpie's Nest! And thanks for the referral; I'll look into it.


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