Saturday, November 27, 2021

Christmas Sewing Finished

At least for the time being. I'm not planning to do any more than these 14 potholders but you never know!

 I actually made 16 potholders, one more set than I really need.

No doubt I will find someone or somewhere to gift them. 😉

I'm having trouble with my new eyeglasses. (They're not that new anymore - got them about six months ago.) We've changed out the nose pads, installed something called a nose bridge, and still my nose feels like it's been bruised at the end of a day wearing them. I cannot function without my glasses. Well, maybe at very close range but that's all. I'll be calling the vision clinic to order up the new prescription for my old frames in the morning. 

I have fallen behind on the #52tags project. I know, I haven't been sharing most of my ATC's for that project here. They go on Instagram when I've completed one and remember to post it. Probably won't be doing much on Instagram after this year. I'm just not a social media kind of gal. I have been thinking about a year-long project for next year though. One piece a month probably, like the Bead Journal Project I did for a few years. I do like journaling through my textile work one way or another. I intend to get caught up with my ATC's for #52tagshannemade but holiday preparations get the higher priority at this time of year. 😊


  1. I had problems with my new distance frames. They changed the nose pads from silicone, then tweaked the arms, then I went in again, this time I think the lady heated the plastic arms and got them at the right angle for my ears. Your optometrist should have all the measurements,i,e, nose bridge width, arm length, and more.I have almost finished Christmas sewing too, some secret stuff.

  2. I haven't done any Christmas sewing but I have done some Christmas knitting.
    Having worn glasses for driving and watching t.v. for years, I apparently now have 20/20 vision!! On the other hand, my close up vision is getting worse which is soooo infuriating as you have to have a pair of glasses in every room you would ever read/sew/cook/knit/do almost anything in.

  3. Sorry about the issues with your glasses - I had to switch out and return the frames from one because they just did NOT fit well. Hope your optical place will work with you like mine did.

  4. Look at that stack! Evidence of quite some industry, I'd say. Problems with glasses are one of the bugbears of ageing eyes. I have come to accept that I have a funny-shaped face and if I can see well out of one part of my varifocals, I can't see properly out of another part. Maybe one day they'll make a set of frmes I like which also work well with my face... Good luck with sorting out your issues.

  5. Sweet stack of pot holders - very scrappy! Best of luck in sorting out the eyeglasses issue, what a pain.


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