Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Unexpected Progress

I recovered enough from whatever the latest toxic exposure was to finally do some work on my Hobbit travel trailer for The Sketchbook Project. You'll recall it looked like this last Sunday for our Stitch Along check-in (see previous post):

Now it looks like this: 😊

The only problem is that all that work on the roof has caused some trouble with my left wrist and hand. Hopefully a few days of other activities will allow for whatever healing needs to take place.

Last year I was making 8" sawtooth stars and 16 Patch blocks in conjunction with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. There were some leftover scraps and patches from that effort which made it fairly easy to start piecing again.

Mind you, I didn't do all this in one day! I actually started with the ships last week and have been adding stars and 16 Patch blocks gradually since then. One of these days I'm going to have to start creating one or more quilt tops from these blocks. Our outdoor temperatures are beginning to rise so I may be able to put my design wall extensions back in place soon to allow for larger work to take place. We've even had a couple of days of sunshine that make it feel more like spring might just show up afterall!


  1. those blocks are fabulous together.Let your hand heal well, We are starting to
    have colder mornings already.!!

  2. Well, at least it has a roof now which is very important for any house.
    As for your hand - have you tried Handeze craft gloves? I'm not sure what sorted mine out in the end as I tried many things but these were recommended to me by several of my readers and I think they were helpful and, when I remember, I still put them on before knitting/crochet/sewing as a preventative measure.

  3. Those blocks are looking great.. and love the progress on the caravan... rest your hand - hope it feels better soon so that you can keep stitching xx

  4. The Hobbit van is wonderful, all the carefully stitched grass on the roof will still give you pleasure once the pain of your hand is forgotten. Isn't it a good thing you have other projects to work on to distract you and give the sort bits a rest. Love love love the ships :-)

  5. OH goody, grassy roof for the hobbits, and I am in love those ship blocks!


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