Saturday, February 14, 2015

Your Thoughts?

I've been working on a commission I accepted late last summer. I meant to have it completed by now but that shoulder injury slowed me down considerably. I was given some blocks that had been made Stack 'n Whack style and the leftover fabrics but no pattern or other directions. I do, however, know where the end product is going to be used and displayed. Essentially I am creating an oversized table runner that will be hung from the ceiling, horizontally, to buffer the wide open space between a kitchen and eating nook in this wonderful bed & breakfast/retreat center.

I have struggled to figure out how to fill in the area between the blocks. It's been a long time since I last worked on point. Nor have I made many table runners. In the end I came up with this layout for the Stack 'n Whack blocks:

This picture was taken before I sewed the parts together. I've added the tulip print on the ends too, to square them off. Now I'm working on the reverse side of the runner. There wasn't much of the tulip print left but I had enough to make a 12" focal star for Side B.

My plan for this side of the runner is to put 12" Tulip Lady Fingers blocks on either side of this star. The question is whether to group the colors of the tulips all together in each block or scatter them throughout the blocks. Here the colors are consistent in each block:

And here I've mixed them up:

Here they are again, with the star this time...

What do you think? Should I keep the colors consistent in the tulip blocks or mix them up?

Remember that the blocks will be stretched out. I need to make the runner at least six feet long. Which also means there will be some kind of sashing between the blocks. I'm open to any ideas you may have!


  1. I like them with the colors mixed - no matter which layout they are in.

  2. I'm going to be oh so helpful here and say that I like them better with consistent colors in each of the tulip blocks.
    But, I like the quilts you make and I know you'll come up with something good! So never mind my comment, I guess! :)

  3. The colors are wonderful! I like them mixed up.

  4. Do you know how formal the area the runner will be used in is? I like the mixed up colors for a less formal area and the colors together if it is more formal. Your first runner looks great so I know this one will come to you too.

  5. I prefer these with the colours mixed up. And the front is wonderful. Love what you have done with it.

  6. I checked the link for the retreat house and it looks like a beautiful place to stay. I never would have thought of hanging a quilted piece from the ceiling as a divider, but it's a great idea. I really like the Tulip Lady Finger blocks. My tastes are rather tame, so I like the consistent color choice, but the blocks will be pretty either way.

  7. I like the colours mixed up. Beautiful runner/divider you're making. I looked at the retreat website too, wonderful looking venue...but I particularly liked the planter boxes that sit over the railing, haven't seen anything like that here (Oz)


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