Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Beginning to Hatch

I've been fighting a mental block where the chicken quilt is concerned. In addition to the feathered star block I wanted to feature...

I have two 16" blocks I thought I would try to use:

This block pattern is labeled variously as Arrowheads, Stepping Stones, and Blackford's Beauty in my 1,001 Patchwork Designs book, depending on the placement of values within the block.

After putting blocks up on the design wall and taking them down again a few times I finally decided that the feathered star needed another border/frame around it before I went any further. Once that was done the 12" blocks almost positioned themselves around the star!

Of course, adding that extra frame required some sashing strips between the blocks to make them fit around the star neatly. Finding the right print for that purpose was another struggle. Up close I think the print I used is a little busy but it will  have to do; it's the best I could find in my stash! I may be able to tone it down a bit with whatever happens next. And what happens next may not be the Blackford Beauty blocks after all. They will make the quilt longer/wider than I want it to be. So it's back to the drawing board again. But at least there's been some progress!


  1. SO happy to see that you're making progress! LOVE how this is evolving.

  2. To my eye, the sashing strips blend right in. Your piecing is beautiful in these blocks. That feathered star is awesome.

  3. Love that center piece!! Looking good!


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