Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quick Baby Quilts

When I read about Debra Spinic's efforts to provide baby quilts for Bambi House I was inspired to dig around in my stash to see what I could whip up and contribute to the cause. Since she is a long arm quilter and was offering to do the quilting all I had to do was make a small quilt top. Great! That's my favorite part!

I found this panel (which I didn't remember even acquiring!):

I was able to cut narrow strips off the length to put on the sides for width. Then I added simple strips of yellow and a blue printed with stars for the outer border. It doesn't get much easier than that! This quilt will be about 40" x 44" when finished.

Since Debra was working with panels featuring teddy bears I paid special attention to the bear prints in my stash. I found some scraps from back in the day and was able to make  enough Four Patch blocks for this top:

Half of these bears are in a library, reading, and the border print is scattered letters. The patches finished at four inches each and the quilt will be 36" x 44" when it's done.

By this time I was thinking of all the other 4.5" patches I've cut from scraps. Sure enough, when I sorted through them there were enough of the juvenile print variety to make another whole baby quilt top. Below you can see fairies and monkeys and bugs.

Here you can see the only polar bear in the quilt and a couple of seasonal prints:

I have teddy bear fairies in one patch here. The border print is the same one I used around the panel in the first top.

And here's the whole thing:

The patches were assembled in Four Patch blocks and then arranged on my design wall. I had the idea to put them up in this rainbow of color and only did a tiny bit of tweaking before sewing the blocks together. It will be 40" square when finished.

This was so much fun, and used up old scraps and yardage that had been around far too long. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to participate. :- )


  1. very pretty and dont you love when you can use up what you have for a good cause!!

  2. Good for you!! It feels great, doesn't it! Taking things that were just sitting about and finding a wonderful purpose for them . . . love it!

  3. Oh, these came out so cute! And how sweet of you to contribute.

    It looks like you have an awesome stash! You come up with so many fabrics that go together so nicely. I think my stash is much more eclectic. (as in, nothing much goes together. LOL)


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