Friday, June 28, 2013

Wedding Quilt Update

I finally have some pictures of the quilt I've been building for a nephew and his bride. Here you can see the bulk of the body of the quilt:

As usual, there's one row that isn't in the photo, but you get the idea. You remember there was one crazy block that was too small to use on the front? I needed to add a strip to the yardage I had for the back to get the necessary length so I started with that crazy block.

I also used some leftover bits from the strip piecing I made for the border on the front.

If I'm not mistaken, front and back are ready to go to the quilter!

I have a feeling that quilting is going to turn this quilt into something special. It was never meant to be an heirloom but I would still like it to be a welcome addition to their new home. :- )

I've been struggling with fatigue of late. Turns out I've developed an iron deficiency. The doctor apparently saw some other things that concern her. I've had a biopsy done and am now waiting for the results. I expect to have them early next week. Fingers crossed for good news!


  1. Fingers AND toes crossed . . . and prayers being said!

    The wedding quilt will be much loved - it's wonderful!

  2. I really, really like this quilt, Sue! Sometimes, there is such harmony betw7eeh colors, shapes, and overall look and this definitely has that!

    Truly hoping for good test results for you!
    Exhaustion is so hard day after day but you are still accomplishing and creating beautiful things!

  3. love your quilt-and holding positive healing/energy thoughts for you...always hard to wait for results.


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