Friday, February 17, 2012

Strips & Strings

While I was finishing up Syncopation I learned of the date that our local humane society is holding their annual fundraising auction. I always want to contribute to the Humane Society's auction but have only done so a couple of times. As quickly as Syncopation went together I figured I could pull off another quilt of the same pattern in time for the humane society auction. The first thing I did was to pull out my stack of dog prints.

There were many that felt too juvenile for the quilt I wanted to produce, and there were a couple of prints I wanted to keep especially for myself. But! there were enough prints in the brown family to get started with.

I cut strips and started sewing. I had to bring in additional prints of course. Even so, I don't think I had quite as many in my palette as I did with Syncopation. That became more obvious when it came time to arrange the strips on the design wall.

It was hard to keep prints from running into each other or just showing up too close to each other for my taste.

Then yesterday, when I had all the strips on the wall to my satisfaction and started sewing the rows together, the bottom half of the wall shed all of its strips onto the floor.

Aaarrrrggghhh!! Fortunately, I had a photo of the arrangement I liked best. Thank goodness for digital cameras and laptop computers! I was able to bring up the photo and have the laptop on the floor next to the design wall to help me get the strips back in place. With pins this time.

Inbetween work on this new quilt I took some time to check out Brenda's String Thing Along. It dawned on me that I have been making string quilts without realizing it. This one and Syncopation could be considered to have been constructed with fat strings. ;- ) And then there was All to Pieces, (which is waiting to be tied or quilted). I have now joined up with the others to share my stringy projects on Brenda's blog. I have a couple of string-thing quilts on my To Do list. This will be a perfect opportunity to get at least one of them going. :- )

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  1. WOOT! For digital photos AND for you joining the String Thing Along!


    (p.s. please make that new word verification monster go away . . .)


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