Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Scrap Happy in January

It's a new year in which to play with scraps. πŸ˜€

For several years now many folks have selected a word or phrase to focus on or to guide their artistic practices. I've done so rather informally for the most part. Thought I'd make a more formal stab at it this year and publicly declare my word for 2020 to be Nourish.

In the process of considering possible words for 2020 I was reminded that what I enjoy most is making blocks out of leftover bits of fabric and then figuring out how to assemble those disparate blocks into a cohesive, pleasing quilt top. I'd been working on the Nativity quilt (see previous post) when I had this insight. Since I had to buy a bit more fabric to complete that top I took the opportunity to take a break from it and try to reduce the number of half-square triangles that had accumulated.

These piles of triangles became twenty, four inch Broken Dishes blocks.

16" wide x 20" high
That little one off to the right side will finish at two inches square. I decided to work with slightly larger triangles after making that block. πŸ˜‰ I'll have to do something with the rest of the 1.875" triangles I've been saving from the trash bin however!

At first I thought I'd just turn this little flimsy into a doll quilt or even a wall hanging to remind me to nourish my spirit by doing that which gives me joy. But then I remembered all the other scrap blocks in my Parts Department. For example, 6" Ships...

Sailing on a turbulent sea.

Talk about the tip of an iceberg! They needed a bit of water on which to float though. And then I thought stars to steer by would be a good idea.

Now this measures 36" wide and 32" high. My thinking is to continue building vertically for a few more rows and then run some 8" stars down either side. Maybe I'll have a complete top to show you for Scrap Happy Day in February. 😊

Scrap Happy Day is hosted by Kate and Gun, on opposite sides of the globe, on the 15th of each month (local time). Others who are participating are linked up below. Not everyone is working with fabric either!


  1. I like this at every stage - actually, if you'd stopped with the third photo down it would have looked lovely as a wall hanging. You always use your fabric scraps to such great effect.

  2. The start of another wonderful scrappy quilt. I'm looking forward to September!

  3. Ooops, not September, I meant February. Do edit my comment, as it makes absolutely no sense!

  4. What a great description of how our creative work evolves when we follow its hints and nudges! Thanks for sharing and Happy Nourishing New Year to you.

  5. I love how you compose such beautiful compositions from your scrappy “parts.” Bravo!

  6. What a fun process! Reminds me that I have a BIG pile of triangle blocks waiting to be pressed, trimmed, and somehow used.

  7. Sue, your blocks are so lovely, and the way you put them together is so creative!

  8. I admire your scrap use (1.875"!!!). That's a teensy scrap to work with. Your end product is quite lovely. I look forward to next month's SH installment. :)

  9. I love watching you build these quilts!

  10. It's like going to a quilt show when I visit your blog! Love the ships!


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