Friday, January 17, 2020

More Scraps

After I posted for this month's Scrap Happy Day (previous post) I realized I hadn't shared the miscellaneous scrap blocks I've made since Scrap Happy Day in December. A couple of them were Ship blocks that I put to use in this new Parts Department Quilt project.

But I'd also assembled two Lego blocks, more Ships, and a few Hole in the Barn Door blocks.

You may be able to tell from the photograph that I have a screaming headache this morning. And that's after I straightened it in my editing program! These are some of the first pictures from my new smartphone too. My old digital camera has taken to eating batteries. That was one of the factors that prompted the purchase of a smartphone finally. I find it interesting that the photos are coming out much more yellow than those from the camera. And that's after editing. I haven't yet found a way to whiten them up. Oh well. It's a small thing that probably doesn't matter in the long run.

Speaking of white, we've had a couple of snow days this week. The kind that keep the smart people off the streets and close schools.

Something about that snow day caused me to do this:

More of those tiny  2" Broken Dishes blocks. But look:

I have "just a few" more half-square triangles to play with. I may end up sewing a bunch more today if this headache doesn't back off soon. I need a mindless activity to help me cope. Everything else I have in the works requires decisions to be made before I can move it forward. Maybe having a headache won't be such a bad thing after all... 😉


  1. Does the cold weather drive away those odours? Love the blocks, and sometimes mindless and easy is what we all need from time to time. My mindless sewing is doing lines around trees on place mats, all white and fairly easy.

  2. Man, those tiny 2 inch broken dishes would make my headache worse, so it's just as well they work for you... I'm still LOVING that layout with the ship blocks, they add such charm.

  3. Yes, those tiny blocks would make me worse rather than better but I expect you can probably almost do them with your eyes shut now. I hope you are feeling better and your headache has gone.

  4. I love what you do with your scraps! Fun setting for your ships and triangles!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. My hubby has had a headache for days too. Ugh!

    I enjoyed the snow but, like you, didn't venture out in it! I'm two weeks late for my haircut! I hope it doesn't snow this week!

  5. By the way, check to see if your cell phone camera has an "HDR" setting, If so, try turning that on and see if it helps your pix come out a little brighter. I keep mine set on that. Would using flash help? Some times you just have to edit. I've found I try to use my daylight lamp to take the photos, it's the best thing when its so dark and gloomy here. I even have "daylight"/full spectrum florescent bulbs in my quilt studio, because otherwise it's impossible to pick out fabric colors.


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